about us Et voilá was established in 2008 and since then has been operating in the yachting world with efficiency, reliability and energy, combining its expertise and creativity with great passion to offer a fully integrated yacht supply service.
From launch to delivery, we provide mega-yachts with all the necessary equipment, which had not been previously included in the contract between shipyard and buyer. Linen, tableware and courtesy products to furnish interiors, binoculars, flags, nautical charts and safety equipment, any accessory for the engine room, specific cleaning products and anything needed by captain and crew.
In the winter season, during refitting or approaching the launch, we supply the necessary spare parts, refurbishing tableware, bathrooms and cabin´s linen sets, renovating crew´s uniforms, restoring upholsteries and providing, if requested, tailored and customized accessories.
Finally, close to departure or during stop over, we refurnish storerooms with the most refined, best quality food and the finest wines or liquors.
A laundry service, if requested, can be arranged.
Providing a wide range of items and encompassing a wealth of experience through its contacts of suppliers, we can fulfil any needs, any particular and uncommon request, with the utmost attention and care. We also offer our assistance, supported by specialized agencies, to smooth all the bureaucratic procedures such as visas, cruising permits and port control requirements.
Our website, in each specific section, will offer you an outline of all the services provided. Simply enter the contact area and send us a request: we shall immediately work out a quotation.

Anywhere you are at any time: whatever the request…et voilá!