We offer genuine support to our customers for everything that they need, constantly ensuring professionalism and efficiency.


Armed with creativity, fine Italian taste and decades of proven experience, we work to deliver the widest possible choice of interior décor accessories and furnishings. Much more than the bare essentials so that your boat’s furnishings exude discernment and refinement and guests and crew will never be left wanting. We furnish the table, the bathrooms, the cabins, the spa… Cutlery, crockery, glassware, bed linen, bath towels and all that is needed to keep the galley shipshape, from professional domestic appliances to small accessories.


We supply the skipper with all the nautical equipment he requires for a smooth voyage: nautical maps, nautical publications, flags, binoculars,or even quite simply stationery or printers. Everything that your helmsman needs to steer a straight course.


There is nothing we don’t cater for: spare parts, pumps, generators…From fuses to replacement parts for the desalinator, from oil to utensils for the engines, chemicals and anything else that could come in handy to keep the engine humming happily, including maintenance and generally taking care of the beating heart of the boat.


Poniamo un’attenzione particolare alla sicurezza di bordo utilizzando prodotti previsti dalle normative MCA e U.S. Offriamo un servizio completo di manutenzione e revisione degli stessi, garantendo così totale sicurezza ai passeggeri e alla nave.

05. DECK

From bow to stern, we provide the crews with every type of accessory and equipment required for clean-up, polishing and washing operations.
Top-quality products, electrical equipment, aspirators, high-pressure cleaners and chemicals for teak, steel and resin. We also carry out upholstery work: sofas, coverings or even just cushions.


Your pantry will be stocked up with all that your chef needs for creative cooking, including local niche ingredients, so the most refined palates
will be satisfied with delectable dishes and excellent international cuisine. We replenish the boat with the most popular beverages and drinks as well
as with the finest Italian and international wines, champagne, spirits and liqueurs boasting the most superlative worldwide labels.


As for uniforms and clothing for the crew, we have a choice selection of international specialist brands in the nautical sector who are able to supply technical garments and sportswear made from quality materials and with a stylish design.

08. FUN

When it is time to chill out, your guests will rejoice in discovering: watercraft, inflatable toys, surf boards… Sporting enthusiasts will be able to indulge their passions, from a relaxing snorkelling excursion with flippers and a diving mask, to underwater exploration which require more specific equipment,
but we can even help out for a relaxing chess game or some good reading on the sofa.


We are all too familiar with the needs of shipowners and their crews. They are often foreign and find themselves living in an unknown country for months on end. So we are here to let them to benefit from our knowledge and contacts: to find lodging, to hire a car, to provide medical supplies or visit if needs be, to book restaurants, a flight or even organise events or catering.